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  • Pastor Bode Olutunda

The Father's Lost Glory

Anchoring Scripture: 2 Samuel 12:1-14

Glory is a reflection of honor, splendor, and divine favor that transcends material wealth or earthly achievements. Yet, as we delve into the scriptures, we uncover poignant narratives where this glory was lost, only to be recovered through divine intervention.

Understanding Glory and Its Loss

Glory, in its spiritual essence, signifies alignment with God’s will and presence. Adam, in the Garden of Eden, once held the glory of naming all living creatures—a privilege marking his closeness to God. However, through disobedience, this glory was marred, leading to estrangement and fear (Genesis 2:19).

Similarly, King Saul, anointed by God as Israel’s first king, succumbed to pride and disobedience, forfeiting the glory bestowed upon him (1 Samuel 15:23). His successor, David, renowned for his devotion, also faltered, leading to grave consequences (2 Samuel 12:10).

The Path to Recovery

The journey from loss to recovery of glory is not just a restoration but often a transformation. Job, after enduring severe trials, saw his blessings multiplied manifold by the hand of God (Job 42:10). This amplification of glory serves as a testament to God’s ability to elevate those who remain faithful through tribulation.

Lessons for Today

In our lives, the loss of spiritual glory can stem from disobedience, pride, or moral failings. These narratives from Scripture underscore the importance of obedience, humility, and repentance as pathways to restoring divine favor. As Malachi 3:8-10 reminds us, honoring God with our tithes and offerings is crucial to preserving His blessings and favor.

Hope in Christ

Amidst these tales of loss and redemption, the ultimate beacon of hope shines through Jesus Christ. Through His sacrifice, Christ has redeemed humanity, offering a pathway to reclaim lost glory and reconcile with the Father (John 3:16). His grace is a promise that through faith and repentance, we can find restoration and renewal of our spiritual inheritance.

Prayers for Recovery

Let us pray together:

  1. Heavenly Father, speak for us when we are voiceless, guiding us in Your wisdom and grace.

  2. Lord, help us to never fail You, but to walk steadfastly in Your ways.

  3. Father, empower us to nurture and guide those entrusted to us, reflecting Your love and wisdom.

  4. May Your peace and favor rest upon us, restoring any lost glory in our lives.


Dear friends, as we reflect on the stories of those who lost and regained God’s glory, may we find encouragement in their journeys. Let us strive to honor God in all we do, seeking His guidance and grace daily. Through Christ, we are assured that no matter our past failings, God’s mercy and love are sufficient to restore and bless us abundantly.

May the Lord bless you abundantly this week and always.


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