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  • Pastor Deborah Olutunda



Text: Romans 9:6-21


1. I will not go astray in Jesus name.

2. My being chosen is solely by the grace of God. Hallelujah!

3. Lord please chose me for Your glory in Jesus name.

Just as nature selects, God selects just as well. God is selective. He doesn't require anyone's permission to make His decisions. He is sovereign. To understand this concept we will dive into the old testament.

"For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession"

They were not chosen by lobbying or some such, but BECAUSE He chose.

The LORD chose Jacob over Esau. He chose Mary over all other maidens. He chose Zion above every other city. He choses whom He choses for His own purposes. Romans 9:10-13.

Genesis 12:1-3: Abram was called out to go forth and serve YHWH.

1 King 11:29-38, 1 Kings 12:28: DO NOT go to men/women who have no stake in your destiny. GO TO YOUR MAKER! He knows who you are and whom you shall be. He knows you best, thus IS able to guide you aright.

Yet another example is Jonah. Jonah resisted the instructions of the LORD be cause he had "valid reasons" but God re-oriented him. One thing we need to remember is that we cannot outwit nor outpace God.

David was yet another such example. God could have chosen anyone, yet He chose a young shepherd boy. Why?! Because He knew David was a man after His own heart.

Ezekiel 32:9-14: Amidst it all, the LORD isn't a tyrant nor is He wicked. He has been shown to change His mind on occasion. Regarding our destinies, perhaps we may have done things to evoke the wrath of God, may God have mercy on us. May He change His mind to spare us His judgment and prosper us in Jesus name.

Thank the LORD for His mercies in Jesus' precious name.

Prayer :

1. My portion shall not be transferred to another in Jesus name.

2. Any evil assigned to my name or my family/loved ones, let that evil be destroyed in Jesus name.

3. LORD I shall not use my hands to uproot/pull out my blessings in Jesus name!

4. My legs, be ordained to carry me to the place of my divine appointment/assignment in Jesus name.

5. Father, like David, make me a man/woman after Your heart in Jesus name.

6. Blood of Jesus purge my foundation in Jesus name. Any evil inheritance purge it out in Jesus name. I will not fall to the traps that ensnared all who came before me in my family in Jesus name.

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